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Sobota, 19 január 2019

Dnes má meniny
Zajtra má meniny


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    Many people associate Pieniny, our national treasure, with the attraction of descending Dunajec river by the help of the barges. The route leads through the canyon of Dunajec river – from the port Majere-Kvašné lúky to Lesnica in the length of 11lkm and from the port Červený Kláštor (Red Monastery) to Lesnica in the length of 9km, according to the wishes of clients. The route from departure point of barges alongside Dunajec river to Červený Kláštor is attractive trip with possibility of visiting museum in the monastery area. You could use train or to ride a horse between particular stations. The Ľubovniansky Castle belongs to the frequently visited cultural sights in the area as well as Polish frontier destinations Sczavnica – spa town, Niedzieca – a water dam and the Ugrian Castle with significant role in Ugrian-Polish diplomatic relations. 

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