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Nedeľa, 24 marec 2019

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    The close surroundings of the High Tatras have already been populated by the Neanderthals. Starý Smokovec, as the oldest Tatras settlement and the centre of today’s town, was established in 1793. Nowadays, the town High Tatras is composed of the villages Dolný Smokovec, Horný Smokovec, Kežmarské Žľaby, Nová Polianka, Nový Smokovec, Podbánske, Starý Smokovec, Štrbské Pleso, Tatranská Kotlina,Tatranská Lesná, Tatranská Lomnica, Tatranská Polianka, Tatranské Matliare,Tatranské Zruby and Vyšné Hágy. The highest inhabited area of the town is the peak Lomnický šiít with the height of 2655m. Under its summit, there was the observatory built as well as the highest situated coffee bar in Slovakia. The establishment of the TANAP (the Tatran National Park) in 1949 had a great influence on progress of the town. The town obtained the statute of spa town in 1957. The greatest attraction of the town is the mountain range the High Tatras. Five biggest peaks of the High Tatras are the peak Gerlachovský štít (2655m), the peak Lomnický štít (2632m), the peak Ľadový štít (the Ice Peak) (2627m), the peak Pyšný štít (the Proud Peak) (2623m) and the peak Zadný Gerlach (the Hind Gerlach) (2616m).There are approximately 110 mountain lakes scattered in whole area of the High Tatras, frequently visited destination of the tourists are the waterfalls as well. The cave Belianska jaskyňa with its total length of 3.5km, which is placed in town section of the basin Tatranská Kotlina, welcomes many visitors each year. One of the most well-known attractions is the cableway leading from the mountain lake Skalnaté pleso to the peak Lomnický štít. The museum of the TANAP situated in Tatranská Lomnica familiarizes the visitors with character of Tatras nature, with its protection and with history of making the range available. The Symbolic Graveyard that has been made since 1936 is located not far away from the Poprad mountain lake. It is composed of hand-made wooden crosses and commemorative plaques reminding hundreds of people that had lost their lives in the surrounding mountains. Several high-mountainous cottages are built in the High Tatras which offer catering services; some of them offer accommodation as well.  

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