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Thermalpark - Vrbov
Vrbov 299
059 72 Vrbov


sekretariát:  052/426 12 33 - aj rezervácie ubytovania v prac. dni od 07.00 - 15.00 hod.

pokladňa kúpaliska: 052/ 426 12 67

autocamping: 052/ 459 21 88 - prevádzková doba

autocampu 15. 06. - 15. 09.

e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


The all year round recreational resort Thermal Park Vrbov lies on the borderline of the Vrbovská Pahorkatina downs and the Levočské Vrchy mountain range. Natural water, which is used to supply a system of pools has healing qualities which positive effects on locomotive, respiratory and cardiovascular system. It is used for balneotherapy, with both internal and external application of the water. The visitors of the resort can use seven pools with different water temperature varying from 26 to 38 degrees Centigrade. Three of these pools can be used by children. Catering services are provided by Koliba, a restaurant with a grill, and the Flipper hotel, which also offers accommodation in double rooms plus a rollaway bed if desired, as well as bungalows or suites. Visitors can also be accommodated in wooden cabins or a camping right inside the resort area. Fishing lovers will appreciate the nearby fishpond with good services. One can buy a one-day license and fish for carp, catfish, pike, walleye, bream, eel, bighead carp and grass carp by which the fishpond is stocked. It is also possible to rent a fishing rod. The surroundings of Vrbov are also very interesting in terms of tourism. The visitors enjoy trips into the High Tatras or Slovenský Raj (Slovak Paradise). The most notable cultural historical attractions are the Spišský Hrad castle and towns of Levoča and Kežmarok. Thermal Park Vrbov is the right choice for families with children as well as seniors. Good services for the right price and beautiful nature promise an enjoyable experience.


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