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Pondelok, 18 marec 2019

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    The area of the town Spišská Nová Ves was populated by highly-developed society in the period of Moravia Magna Empire. The first written record about the village originates in 1268. It was a residence of province XVI of Spiš towns and the centre of industrial manufacture, trade, crafts (foundering of bells), mining and metallurgy. In present days, the town has almost 40 000 inhabitants. It is cultural-social administrative and economic centre of the Spiš region. The biggest concentration of the historical monuments is in the town centre. Large square is lens-shaped. It is bordered by ancient craftsmen’s and burghers’ houses. The Classicistic building of the town hall is a residence of municipal authorities nowadays. The Church of Translation of The Virgin Mary from 13th century has the highest tower in Slovakia – it is 87 m high. The Church of Immaculate Conception of The Virgin Mary came into being in 15th century. There is the theatre Spišské divadlo in the eastern part of the square. The Spišské museum is frequently visited; you could find it in the provincial house from 1763. The town Spišská Nová Ves is entrance gateway to the Slovak Paradise. 

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