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Nedeľa, 24 marec 2019

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    The town Poprad is administrative, economic and cultural centre of the Sub-Tatras region. Origin of settlement stretches back to the Prehistoric Ages. Poprad was based in the first half of 13th century. It belonged to smaller towns of the Society of Spiš Saxons. In 1692, a papermill was created there – the oldest company in the town. Important boundary mark in progress of Poprad was the connecting of the town to Košicko-Bohumínska railway in 1871. The Church of St. Egídio is situated in the central part of Poprad town. We date it to the second half of 13th century. An Evangelic church was built in 1815-1817. One of the most visited water parks in Slovakia - AquaCity Poprad has been built on the place of thermal springs. In its area you have a choice from interior and exterior swimming-pools, slides, children playgrounds, saunas and steam saunas, bars, coffee-bars and restaurants. Innumerable accommodation and catering opportunities in Poprad, rich services, completion of traffic channels by the international airport show evidence of high development level in field of the tourist trade.  

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