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Nedeľa, 24 marec 2019

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The Ľubovniansky Castle (Ľubovniansky hrad) / open-air museum

The castle Ľubovniansky hrad built at the beginning of 14th century towers over the valley of the river Poprad. The members of significant Ugrian families – the Omodej´s and the Drugeth´s entered their names to its history. The most important event in the castle history happened in 1412 when the Ugrian and Polish rulers signed peace agreement. In 1655-1661, Polish crown jewels were deposited there. In 1772 during Maria Theresa reign, the Polish administration of a part of Spiš area was brought to an end and the castle Ľubovniansky hrad lost its prominent status. The last private castle owner (to 1945) was the count Ján Zamoyský. The main tower belongs to the most valuable objects of the castle, it was made available to the visitors after its renovation in 2003. Contemporary furniture is presented in the Baroque palace. Under the castle, there is the museum of folk architecture –the open-air museum Ľubovninasky skanzen that brings near village life in the past. The Greece-Catholic church, the National school and the Old windmill are the dominant features of this museum.


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