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Pondelok, 18 marec 2019

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    Jaklovce village extends over the watersides of the water dam Ružín. The first written mention originates in 1297 when there has already been built a stone church dedicated to St. Anton Seclusionist. In the second half of 18th century, a manor house in so-called Theresian Baroque was built in the village. The manor house went through large-scale reconstruction in 19th century. Significant event in modern history of the village was construction of Ružín water dam when more than 100 houses stayed in tidal land. Close and wide surroundings are suitable for undemanding tourism. Frequented destinations are the grassy upland Kojšovská hoľa, Kojšovské Turne, the rock Folkmarska skala, Sivec or the spa Thurzovské kúpele. The water dam offers possibility for fishing and water sports. Directly in the village, several catering (food) and accommodation facilities are present.

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