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The town historical reserve Levoča

Mestská pamiatkové rezerváciaLevoča became the historical town reserve in 1950. There are more than 330 historic sights. Historical centre is surrounded by walls. The dominant of this reserve is The Temple of St. Jakub – our national cultural monument. Sightseeing from the Gothic period and the Renaissance are the town hall, a main architectonic dominant feature of the town in these days serving as an exposition of the Spišské Museum, big district house, the Thurza´s House, the former town public house and the theatre, the Mariássy´s House with an arcadic courtyard, the Krupek´s House with treasured Rennaisant facade paintings, an Evangelic church and the others. Nowadays, there is the museum in the Master Paul’s house. There is an old church of the Minorits at the end of Kláštorská Street.

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