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Obecný úrad Baldovce 46
053 04 Baldovce

Tel.: 053/454 25 22
Fax: 053/454 23 07
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Region: Levoča

Microregion: Podbránisko

First written mention: 1274

Height above sea level: 440 m.n.m.

Numbers of inhabitants: 183

Sufrace of cadaster: 220,4 ha


Baldovce is a village located in the Hornádska Kotlina basin in a very interesting area in terms of both history and nature. The first written record comes from 1274. The village used to be a dependency of the nearby Spišský Hrad castle. The name is originated from the name of a komes – Bald, from the 13th century. At present, almost 200 inhabitants live in Baldovce. The most dominant sacral building – the Roman Catholic Kostol Sv. Anny (Church of St. Ann) was built at the original location of a 1761 temple. An 18th century gold-plated Baroque monstrance is kept in the church. The church itself is surrounded by majestic lime trees. But what makes Baldovce famous is the presence of plaster-ferrous mineral springs. Kúpele Bužňa spa offered healthcare services here until the 20th century. Baldovská Minerálka mineral water is suitable for the treatment of some digestive system diseases, liver and ureter diseases and osteoporosis. It is bottled in a modern factory operated by the Minerálne Vody Company. In the land area of the village, a protected landscape area Hradská Lúka is situated, unique for its marshy soils and the occurrence of rare animal species.


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